“I was put on this world to obtain my own image and stay true to myself.”
“Self Image”
Founded in 2015 by Ja’marni Scott in Baltimore, Maryland, The remark Self Image was puzzled together from his early childhood, always heard from his father after deep conversations about being his self.  Ja’marni father planned on starting a clothing Brand named Self Image, Which never prevailed because of his father’s life choices.  Ja’marni soon became older and decided to take his father’s idea into his own hands.  While in art class fantasizing about his new venture he drew the perfect logo for his brand.  The uniqueness of this logo is when viewed upside down it’s actually his initials.  He soon started to invest into the brand by ordering his first bundle of shirts with the logo on them.  He started to reach out to students and his peers around him by introducing the brand not only as clothing brand but something they can wear to display to others as a symbol of being their self.  Also they could pass on the meaning of the brand to their friends and family.  As a result, the brand can not only reach a local audience but excel to a more national crowd.